The Upper Darby Economic Development Committee has partnered with Sun East Federal Credit Union as a Preferred Lender for Covid-19 Related SBA Loans. With a location in Barclay Square Shopping Center, SunEast is not only a trusted Partner, they are here in our Community!
The following is from Sun East:

Thank you for trusting Sun East with your SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan application. Along with this message you will find the documents you need to submit your application.Please read through this message and the attached instructions carefully before you begin the application process.

In the first attachment, you will find instructions for completing the application and submitting it.
Please read through these instructions before completing the application. Pages 1-5 guide you on
filling out the application. Of particular note is the checklist for supporting documentation at the
bottom of page 1. Pages 6-8 walk you through the process of creating a profile with our online
submission portal, as well as the upload process itself. Again, please read and understand these
instructions before you begin.

The second attachment is the application form itself. It is a fillable PDF that you can complete
electronically so there is no need to print.

The third attachment is a spreadsheet to assist you in calculating your eligible loan amount based
on your payroll expenses. This is not a required form that you must submit but rather a tool to
assist you in completing the application. If you use a professional payroll company, we
recommend that you consult them as they may have a report prepared already that you can use
with your application. We also recommend that, if you use the attached spreadsheet to calculate
your loan amount, you also submit the spreadsheet through the portal with your application as
this will be used as a reference when reviewing your application.